Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Life With a Toddler 7 - On not following the rulebook

Apparently boys are meant to specialise in all things mechanical and not really show much interest in "relational" things such as putting people in trainset layouts. Afterall, the trains are the main interest, people are more relational and, in theory, therefore of secondary importance.

Last Monday, after a busy weekend of visiting relatives, being relational and playing with trains, Angus decided that he wanted to build train layout on the coffee table incorporating various elements from all three of his Christmases, mainly his tunnels on loan from American cousins and his new crane from English cousin. After a bit of work to get all the bits he wanted in the available space, he started showing an interest in the driver of his Brio fire engine and said he wanted more people. His basic train set came from Germany and included a bag of farm animals, people, trees and cars. I had put them away as he was too young for them then. I showed him the bag and he wanted it opened and then started putting all the bits from the bag on his layout (with help to get them where he wanted and standing up).

This is what he ended up with - not very rulebook.

And, yes, Angus was standing up a fallen Baum (German for tree and what he calls Fir trees). He also played with the cars, had a street and moved the people about. I said "Had" as his Dad came home and between them they removed everything else from the coffee table and built an even bigger and better layout. It's a boy thing...!

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