Friday, 14 December 2012

What Isla wants for Christmas

I was at the hairdresser's this morning when one of their customers (a professional Santa) came in ringing his bell yo ho hoing. He saw Isla waiting patiently for me.
Usual banter followed by, "What would you like me to bring you for Christmas?"
Isla, "A pink tractor and an elephant - not too small 'cos I want to be able to ride it but not too big 'cos then it won't fit in our back garden." 

They may not fit in her stocking and how would the elephant mix with our veg patch?

Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago I was sitting on a plane bound for Las Vegas with my husband of less than one day.

Yesterday was our ninth wedding anniversary and during those nine years I have learned so much:
what it is to be loved so deeply by someone even when you are annoying them;
how to love someone so deeply even when they are annoying you!;
the bond of a mother is immeasurably strong;
people will go to extraordinary lengths to support those they love
your heart can feel so big with pride and astonishment and love for your child;
a strong family can overcome many hurdles which alone would crush a person;
family can give you the courage to attempt things you wouldn't do alone;
some things that annoy you are more about areas in your own life where you need to become more tolerant and understanding and less obsessive;
some things that annoy others are areas where you need to be more malleable and prepared to change;
relationships work well with reflection and consideration for the needs of others and not pursuing your own happiness to the detriment of those you love;
I love, really love, having children;
it is amazing how happy you can feel watching those you love having fun.

The Thompsons - est 2003

Thank you for being wonderful, Ken.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What I have left out of the blog this year.

There are many stories left untold in this blog this year. So, to keep you up to date, I have chosen a few photos to share with you over the next few blogs.

One cold evening in October, we completely rejected to notion of a healthy desert after dinner, and cooked marshmallows over the barbeque instead. Far more fun, if a little chilly!

Late in October we all went on Scout camp. Angus remembered what to expect from previous camps, Isla had not attended one before. Mind you, from her confidence and ability to work out what was going on and join in, you would never have guessed. I can only assume Scout camps are in her genes! I don't think it is difficult to tell where those genes came from...

Muddy, happy, smokey, sitting next to a fire, in the sun, freezing cold (literally - there was ice inside the tent in the morning!), out in the open air. What more could a child need? Oh yes, food and a lot of love. No problems there then.

Then add fun, big brothers and climbing into the mix and you have two tired but very happy children.

There, part 1.