Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Little Something to Inspire...

I was sent this link to a You Tube clip. Many of us are so bad at judging people by their looks, their accents, their mannerisms. Here is something to encourage us all to reconsider our prejudices. You need to have your speakers on. Cut and paste the following link into your address bar.


For the Scrapping Officionados Amongst You!

Having only been influenced by what I had seen in the Close to My Heart publications, I was delighted to find Simple Scrapbooking online and particularly Cathy Zielske's work. Their philosophy is somewhat different to CTMH and their work tends to be less cluttered, simpler, more influenced by Graphic Design and a lot quicker and cheaper to produce! I still use CTMH products and love a lot of what they do but have never been convinced by some of what they advocate, feeling that since the purpose, to me at least, of scrapping is to preserve a memory, why spend so much time detracting from the photo and journalling by all the other stuff on the page? Surely the photos and journalling should be able to tell the story you are wanting to preserve?

Consequently, one day I finished a more CTMH style page and then completed a "Cathy" page in half an hour. Really. The CTMH pages had taken about three hours to do. The longest part of the Cathy style page was finding the best colour ink to print the journalling in!

Guess which one is which. And which style do you prefer? Sorry they are a bit dark. I am still trying to find the best place in the house and the best camera setting to take photos in.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Life With a Toddler - 8 Close call....

There are times when you could inflict pain and damage on your child, but fortunately these are only fleeting and usually when they are being a normal two year old, you are tired and female hormones are raging out of control. There are other times when you realise what a real blessing they are and that you would do absolutely anything at all within your capabilities and try a few things beyond that, to save them.

Today was one such day.

I was sitting down stairs while Angus was meant to be going to sleep. Not today - he was far too excited by life in general to go to sleep although he was clearly tired. Normally this isn't a problem. He stays in his room and plays for a bit and then goes to bed and sleeps. Not today - he decided to go to our room. Not a problem. Usually. Today he took his red chair with him, climbed onto the window sill, OPENED OUR WINDOW AND WAS CALLING TO OUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR WHILE LEANING OUT. There is a clear drop of about twenty feet onto stone slabs below our window.

I heard John and saw him calling to Angus. He assumed I was up there with him. I went outside as I know that Angus sometimes climbs on his window sill where there is a child lock on the window. I saw what he was doing and ran faster than I have ever done in my life, calling to him in the hope that he would come back in, and then grabbed him.

Ken came home from work today via a DIY shop and bought some webbing tape and washers and has put a cord across all the upstairs windows to prevent them opening more than about three inches.

My adrenalin levels may subside sometime soon.

Angus just said, "Funny."

No Angus. Not funny. Really scary.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Boring Parents

Ken and I have decided that we must be very boring parents. Angus keeps inviting people to dinner, to stay, to visit, he wants to go visit other people. Tonight he took, it must have been two hours, to get to sleep because he heard me and Ken discussing going to visit some friends, and got so excited: "Next week, maybe next week. On Tuesday?" (Why is it always Tuesday?)

"No, Angus, not for a couple of weeks."

"Visit Grampa Steam next week."

"No, Angus. Grampa Steam is coming in a couple of weeks to visit us."

"Hhhheeeeeee," he shouted as he ran around waving his hands as he has always done when he gets excited.

"Fly to see Jo and Evan, and Allan and Callum."

"Not yet Angus. Maybe later."

"No, Now!"

"Go to sleep Angus."


"Mum, go see Nali and Kera and Willson."


Not a chance.

We must be really boring. He has just spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma in Scotland and seen Mark. Clearly we are so uninteresting that he needs others to spice up his life.

At least its reassuring to know that he likes the company of our family and friends!