Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On Computers Dying and Family

The weekend before last we were visiting my Dad and family, jauntily looking through photos, when, without warning, the computer died. We are talking terminal death. The kind of death where the computer whizzes at Ken's work shake their heads with fake condolences and then ask if they can conduct an autopsy with a shade of glee in their voice. Fortunately the hard drive was unaffected by the death and has been harvested for transplant into the aged PC. Talking of the aged PC, it is running rather well with some parts transplanted into it from one of said computer whizz's stores of random bits. If it were human I think it would be feeling rather smug, probably enjoying having been resurrected from threat of being binned, from being upstaged by that impertinent little laptop.

So, having anthropomorphisized (?) my computer, photos from the weekend with family.

Angus and his cousin Frazer: both steam engine/Thomas fans, much to Grampa's delight! Playing is very serious business.

Angus in Frazer's garden - posing and smiling as usual.

Frazer with Dad's wife, Grannie Jackie.

And a THIRD christmas - I hope he doesn't expect the same every year!

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