Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Great Weekend

We had a lovely weekend as Uncle Steve and Anya came to stay. Angus especially had a lovely time as Uncle Steve and Anya wanted to see Hadrian's Wall - a favourite activity of his. Bonus - Uncle Steve actually gets around to taking lots of photos! Hurrah!

So here for your pleasure and delight are Steve's photos used without his permission and copied off facebook. They are of Angus and a walk we did on Saturday along Hadrian's Wall. Angus was delighted and wrapped up all warm is his hat and gloves (note the predominance of red!) and keen to show off what has now become his wall, to Steve and Anya. There is also one of Steve himself!

It was lovely having you to stay: Angus is already wanting to reciprocate and visit London.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

You know you have a boy child when...

he spends the afternoon playing with his four-year-old friend and the game consists of burping and "gunning" each other with (fortunately imaginary) pooh.