Sunday, 25 May 2008

Finally A Few Moments

I haven't posted in ages. So what's new? I either don't have the time or the inspiration to write anything even vaguely interesting to myself let alone anyone else.

Well, what is new is that I am now teaching four mornings a week in a small private school in Macclesfield. In many ways it is the perfect job - close to home (a five minute cycle ride away), small classes, not stressful, reliable. The certainty of work is also very settling as opposed to waiting for the phone to ring in the morning to ask could I travel here, or can I do this, and having to make decisions and remember if I have any plans that day. At least I can predict that I am working four mornings as week, make sure I get to bed at a sensible time, get myself up and motivated and have some routine. The downside, though, is that Angus is awake and playful and full of fun in the mornings until about 12.00 and then sleeps for three to four hours. He wakes up sometime between three and four, needs his nappy changed, needs some lunch, and then Blue needs his walk which he hasn't had yet as Ken leaves the house at seven. I haven't the time to get myself and Angus ready and walk the dog before eight thirty when I leave for work. So I never get time during the week to play with Angus or run errands in town. Friday is then hectic with the errand running thing and I still don't get time to play with Angus. Mum gets all the fun as she looks after him. Okay, so I am not bitter, just frustrated and wondering how on earth full time working Mums cope.

Other than the job, things are going well. Ken's job is frustrating him still. It looks as though the project that he was assigned to and which could have led to us coming back to Germany, has been scrapped. He has, however, been offered a job in Germany but is not sure if he wants to resign his English job and actually move to Erlangen on a more permanent basis. Three to four years would be okay, but permanently? That would take some getting used to.

Angus is still amazing. He is still smiling, happy, sociable, and lots of fun. We were at a wedding in Italy a few weeks ago in a town hall - how did he know that the things in front of us were microphones and that you could sing into them? He was also the one who went straight up onto the dance floor in front of the lights bobbing up and down to the music and then dragged Ken to dance with him too! Really funny. I have added some piccies.

Oh, Ken was wearing full Highland Gear with kilt to the wedding. He looked gorgeous (but then I would say that!)

Here's hoping to a better summer than last year.