Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas. May you have a blessed day surrounded by those you love, and filled with fun and laughter as you celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Here are a few pictures of our day - sadly after Angus's high hopes of having a birthday party for Jesus, he instead ended up curled on a chair with a fever a little over 100f / 40c and didn't want to join in. He was, though, just about with it enough to occasionally open a present or two!

Angus gave Isla "pretty things" which he chose. He particularly loved these hair ties as they are sparkly and have stars. Isla loved them and wore pig tails for the first time. She said, "Pretty hair, pretty pink hair" and wouldn't let us take them out until bedtime.

Granny gave Isla this rocking horse for Christmas. They both love it.

We gave Angus more trains and track for his set. He was really excited and then decided that he didn't feel well and that was that!

Watching the trains go by.

Our Christmas corner. Angus was very excited about the candles. The nativity box has a door for each day in Advent. Inside is a small figure and chocolate. Both children have loved the ritual of opening a door each evening, eating the chocolate and seeing the story unfold.   

That is our Christmas in essence. We hope and pray that you all have a good Christ-filled Christmas too.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Celebrating Christmas

This year for the first time, we are alone as a family. Previously we have been with wider family for the day, either in America with Ken's sister, or my Mum in Macclesfield. We have also had Ken's parents to stay. This year, however, we are on our own.

Rather than finding this disappointing, with a quick bit of mental readjustment and change of expectations we have found this to be liberating. We were talking with Angus about what he thought Christmas was about:
A Celebrating the birth of Jesus. (Okay, ground rules established.)
D Not Father Christmas coming then?
A No, it's a birthday party.
D So how should be celebrate it then? What do you want to do?
A Have a birthday party.
M Normally you would eat turkey and roast veg?
A No, I don't like that. I think we should have party food.
M Such as? Pasta and a birthday cake, of course! With a candle on top.
D  I wonder how many candles we should have.
A Just one big one in the middle because Jesus is the light of the world. And then we can all light a candle off the Jesus one because his light spreads through the world showing people how to live. Can we turn out all the lights on Christmas eve and do that?

So that's what we are going to do. We won't be sitting around a telly watching films, as we don't have one. We won't be opening massess of presents as we will be seeing more family later on and have already had presents from my Mum. Instead, on Christmas eve we will light candles and tell the Christmas story. On Christmas day we will open stockings, go to church and will be eating pasta for Christmas dinner followed by birthday cake. Then presents and party games. Unconventional, but it makes more sense than many traditions. Christmas is, after all, a birthday party celebrating one big present sent to all of us: Jesus. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

He's at it again...

My ever pragmatic but aestetically challenged husband decided that this was the way forward to dry laundry:

You've got to love him for his problem solving skills haven't you?!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another conversation - with Isla!

Mum, Angus and Isla
Mum is in the kitchen cooking dinner
Angus and Isla are playing in the lounge

Angus Mum, Isla hit me!

Mum Isla, did you hit Angus?

Isla Yes.

Mum Isla, it's not nice to hit people.

Isla My (sic) not hitting people. My hitting Angus. Wack

Friday, 9 December 2011

Is it right..

to brag about one's husband?

This is a very spontaneous post but I feel the need to unload. I am currently sitting in my dressing gown on a Friday morning, having had coffee in bed - filter, not instant. I am sitting in front of the wood stove which has been cleaned, laid and lit, with both children and dog out of the house on the way to school with Ken. He has got them up, dressed (okay, I got Isla dressed but that is a small matter), made Angus's packed lunch, sorted breakfast, gave Angus some antibiotics he needs for an ear infection, made sure Angus has taken his medicine to school and has money for non-uniform day, got the dog ready to go out (that is more complicated than  you might think, but that is a post for another day), and is walking them to school. I have had a lie in.

Wonderful. As I said, is it right to brag about the goodness of one's husband?

The cynics among you might be wondering why Ken is able to do this on a Friday and that there must be some hidden agenda. You would be right. Mark is here and they are leaving later today to go walking for three days, but why let a small matter like that get in the way. And anyway, Ken didn't have to bring me coffee in bed or do any of the other things he has done this morning: He could have focused on packing for his walking trip.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating eight years of marriage. Thank you Ken. It hasn't always been a smooth ride due mainly to external influences not personal combativeness, but we have travelled it together, and that's the important thing.