Friday, 25 January 2008

Finally finding time to Blog...

As you may have gathered, we have been rather busy here cleaning our house! But it still doesn't really feel like "Home". It keep finding stuff in draws, cupboards, the attic (What on earth were they doing in our attic?) that reminds me that our house wasn't our house for a year. There is something about feeling violated. It wouldn't be such a problem if they hadn't been such a problem but since I have never met our tenants and can only develop a mental picture based on the evidence, they have become the villains in my life right now.

However, all that aside, the house will start to feel more like our home once Angus is properly moved in. Due to nasty colds lasting a fortnight, weekends spent visiting and catching up with people, and appalling weather that creates lethargy and a longing for clear winter days with warm fires, his bedroom isn't finished yet. His room was peach. With peach walls. Peach ceiling. Peach vertical blinds convered in cat hair. Peach carpets. Peach light bulbs (!). Peach floral, frilly curtains. Peach flowers on the glass and gilt light shades. Not a suitable room for a little boy - or anyone else for that matter. We hadn't bothered to decorate as it wasn't too nauseating for a few days if you were a guest and it had a comfy bed in it! But that is all gone now along with the smoke-impregnated built-in cupboards left by the previous house owners. It is green. Not peach. With a blue carpet when that comes next week and a transport theme. Much more suitable for a boy than peach - unless you are called James, of course.

When it is finished we can start to move in his toys, books, clothes and other bits and put things where they should be rather than where they have been placed temporarily. Not that I want him out of the way, you understand, but he has never had HIS room designed around HIS needs and I am rather looking forward to that. "My son's room" - rather a nice idea.

Changing the subject completely. Blue is much better. He had the last of his scab removed today. Yuk. It is healing well although I am not sure that the hair will grow back completely. He has one large wound and two smaller ones and it looks like they will all be red scar tissue, but at least he didn't need a skin graft, which was a possibility at one stage. He has been very good through all of this although he has also become really bolshy. Due to the lack of exercise? Angus now crawling freely and invading Blue's space? I have no idea but it makes him very draining.

Must sort out some pictures for next time.

Oh, some really good news. No, I am not (I don't think, anyway) but we will be in Amberg uber nachste woche. Ken has a meeting in Erlangen and must also go to Amberg for a couple of days. Anyone free Saturday to Wednesday?