Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Diggers

I have been meaning to post these pictures for a while but as usual, other things got in the way and they dropped down my priority list. This post will also explain why I changed the background to our Blog!

Over the road from us there used to be a community centre. The Council in their infinite wisdom decided it was no longer suitable and arranged for it to be knocked down. We now have diggers and lorries right over the road with all their mess, mud and noise. We also have a road cleaner (yes, cleaner not sweeper. It jet blasts the road and creates a huge amount of noise every time it goes past our house) going up and down the road about every 15 minutes. Combine all that with gas pipe replacement on the main road 100 metres away that has been going in since February and involves cutting, digging, filling, re-tarmaccing and hauling pipes around, and you can see that things aren't all calm in Macclesfield.

What we also have is a rather digger obsessed two year old. I am afraid that although steam engines and the like are still high on the list of interests, diggers and especially JCBs are a little higher at the moment. In fact, not just any old diggers, they have to be back hoe loaders or mini excavators (he can identify them and knows the difference).

Imagine Angus's delight when they were digging to replace a water pipe 10 meters down the road and the driver said, "Would he like to go in the cab? He can stay as long as he likes."

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Catch Up

Sorry for not blogging much recently but I seem to be falling asleep all the time! Either that, or I am awake, but so is Angus and as he always wants to type letters when ever I am at the computer, I can't blog anyway! Or, I am doing some work for the church that I am meant to have finished in a couple of weeks and am only half way through, and have been working on since March! Still, I would rather be pregnant and tired than not pregnant at all. Okay, lie. I would be rather be pregnant and NOT tired, as I was with Angus. Cake, eating it and not getting fat spring to mind.

Have attached photos from our recent trip to Germany. It was a lovely trip to catch up with some good friends, especially Margaret, Chris, Jillson and Medelyn, whom I hadn't met before, as they are leaving in a couple of weeks for America. It was too short, though, with them and I just hope that at some stage we won't be so geographically challenged and able to meet up again - if only to raid Margaret's scrapping supplies!

In the wonderful play area in Amberg. I had always wanted to take Angus here, ever since I first saw it! Finally he was old enough to enjoy it and we had suitable weather!

Angus getting really excited at seeing some real coupling rods on a Steam Engine at the DB museum in Nurnburg. And below, just for Dad.

Good night Jillson. Hope to see you again someday and thank you for playing so beautifully with Angus.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

On a More Postive Note...

Once there was a couple who really wanted children. They waited a long time and finally had a little boy. He was happy, smiley and a joy to all who knew him.

The couple wanted to have a little brother or sister for their little boy but again after a long time, they were still waiting.

One day the Vicar of the church asked the woman to talk about a story in the bible. In the story the woman could not have children. The wife talked about how society is sometimes not friendly towards women who cannot have children, how they can feel left out and sad. She talked about how it can make women feel angry and frustrated, and sometimes at God too. She also talked about how you can learn a lot about patience and being caring The woman knew that she was talking about how sad she had been and was now.

Two weeks and two days later, the woman found out that she pregnant. She was very happy.

The end. Or the start of something wonderful?

Why can things be so annoying?

Angus is moving out of his cot. He has been sleeping with the side down for quite a while now and the time has come for him to have a grown up bed. Okay, so it is an intermediate one, but he has really enjoyed the idea of looking at big beds and choosing one he wants (carefully steered in the direction of the cheapest ones we could find!).

Today, it arrived. Angus was really pleased and talking about his bed and wanting to have a nap in it. Then I looked more closely. Why did the mattress look so big in comparison to the bed?

I checked the mattress size. Yes, it was the one recommended to fit.

I checked the dimensions of the bed. Yes, the two should fit.

I got out the tape measure. The bed is 5 cm (2 inches) narrower than advertised. How!!!!!?

I got cross.

Angus got cross.

I got firm but cross with the company I bought it from.

Tomorrow the old bed is being collected and a new one is being delivered from a different company.

Angus is disappointed. Me too.