Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!


We are having a wonderful, snowy new year in America with Ken's sister and her family. I have only just been able to post as we have been in rural Vermont skiing for the last few days. It was fantastic! I didn't fall over as much as usual and can now, sort of, do parallel turns and have even attempted a few lower end Blue runs, which I am really proud of! Ken was off with the nephews tackling black runs and playing on mogals (lumps in the snow that are supposed to fun. They sound terrifying to me!) Angus had a couple of days playing in day care and has come back saying "Sure" to things! We don't have any pictures of the skiing as it was far too cold to carry a camera about and we were too busy skiing anyway!
Angus on Evan's drum kit. Evan is his hero - he plays drums! I like that Angus's drum playing is so LOUD that Evan is vibrating with the shock waves!
Angus and Liam playing with Angus's new Percy train. They have Brio too!

Opening some presents on Second Christmas in America. Spot that Grandpa Sandpit is there too! We overlapped for a couple of days which was really nice.

Angus's first SnowMan! Not big, but a first none the less.

Let's hope and pray that we all have a peaceful and more prosperous and blessed year than the last.

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