Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Don't You Sometimes HATE computers?

I mentioned in a previous post that our laptop had died. Ken and his cronies at work have attempted to upgrade the PC so that we can use that. That would be okay except that he has now attempted to change away from all things Microsoft and convert Aged PC to Linux. This has led to major heartache for Aged PC and me. Aged PC was never designed to take Linux and is not really too sure what is happening to it and keeps throwing its OAP version of a rattle out of its Zimmer Frame. Consequently, I have only occasional access to the Internet, much frustration when I can't get access or even turn the computer on because the last thing he did to it didn't quite work, and am trying to be gracious to Hubby while simultaneously wanting him to give me my PC back and STOP FIDDLING! IT WAS FINE! Okay, so granted Windows 98 is unstable BUT I DON'T CARE - LEAVE IT ALONE!

Rant over. I will try to get back to blogging when I have a stable computer, access to pictures and my stress levels have reduced.

Now, smile.....

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Oh, your poor Aged PC! Why can't the technically-inclined males in our lives allow our computers to age gracefully? Tell Ken, "No more PC-Botox! Fizi needs her connection to the world!"