Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers' Day!

To all you fathers, want to be fathers, are glad that you are not fathers, and men in general.

I would be wishing Ken a Happy Fathers' Day personally but since his present was a pass out for the weekend to go walking in Scotland with Mark and Al, that won't be possible.

Never mind. He's back tomorrow.

Life With a Toddler - 9 A New Vocabulary

As you can see, diggers have been deposed and we are back to steam engines. His obsession is getting worse.

Two weeks ago in a music group he attends, the leader had them listening to the sound of a steam engine pulling out of a station (she called it a train and Angus felt the need to correct her!) She then had them pretending to be steam engines by moving their arms like the pistons on the wheels. This was bad.

Angus had clearly not thought of this before and decided it was a wonderful idea. This has led to him now spending a majority of his day being a steam engine and the creation of an entire new language.

Can you decipher what these words refer to as far as Angus is concerned:
fire box
letting off steam
engine shed
rail tracks.

Yes, it is a steam engine. A big, black engine. Cool.

Angus at the Severn Valley Railway recently with Grampa Steam. I mean, honestly, with a nickname like that (bestowed upon him by Angus and for very good reason!) does the child stand a chance? It's in his genes for goodness' sake. Should it be considered a disability?