Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Newsflash: The Lumbups Have Been Arrested!

Following an uneventful flight back from America last week in which the Lumbups behaved impeccably drinking juice, lots of juice, they were arrested on Monday following a fracas in a restaurant. They were accused of being too noisy and stealing a toddler's orange (although he did get some more after the restaurant owner came over and was confronted by Angus asking, "More orange, pleeeeeeeeease" in the way that only two-year-olds can!). Following an apology later that afternoon, the Lumbups were released from the Police neenah (? how do you spell that ?) and had a meal of pasta and vegetables.

Other than hearing more about the Lumbups, we have nothing to declare except rain and cold dampness.

So, to cheer us up, some pictures from Germany in November:

A diesel (?) engine we found in a play park

Angus exercising and developing his muscles at Mike's house wearing off the Thanksgiving calories!

Ken taking Angus skiing at Innsbruck:

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Vicki said...

I owe you a ton of pics from Innsruck and I love the Lumbups. Nali has found some crickets. Apparently they must be handled with care so that they don't bite you when you put your hands in your pockets. Two peas in a pod these kids.