Thursday, 7 May 2009

Why can things be so annoying?

Angus is moving out of his cot. He has been sleeping with the side down for quite a while now and the time has come for him to have a grown up bed. Okay, so it is an intermediate one, but he has really enjoyed the idea of looking at big beds and choosing one he wants (carefully steered in the direction of the cheapest ones we could find!).

Today, it arrived. Angus was really pleased and talking about his bed and wanting to have a nap in it. Then I looked more closely. Why did the mattress look so big in comparison to the bed?

I checked the mattress size. Yes, it was the one recommended to fit.

I checked the dimensions of the bed. Yes, the two should fit.

I got out the tape measure. The bed is 5 cm (2 inches) narrower than advertised. How!!!!!?

I got cross.

Angus got cross.

I got firm but cross with the company I bought it from.

Tomorrow the old bed is being collected and a new one is being delivered from a different company.

Angus is disappointed. Me too.

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