Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Catch Up

Sorry for not blogging much recently but I seem to be falling asleep all the time! Either that, or I am awake, but so is Angus and as he always wants to type letters when ever I am at the computer, I can't blog anyway! Or, I am doing some work for the church that I am meant to have finished in a couple of weeks and am only half way through, and have been working on since March! Still, I would rather be pregnant and tired than not pregnant at all. Okay, lie. I would be rather be pregnant and NOT tired, as I was with Angus. Cake, eating it and not getting fat spring to mind.

Have attached photos from our recent trip to Germany. It was a lovely trip to catch up with some good friends, especially Margaret, Chris, Jillson and Medelyn, whom I hadn't met before, as they are leaving in a couple of weeks for America. It was too short, though, with them and I just hope that at some stage we won't be so geographically challenged and able to meet up again - if only to raid Margaret's scrapping supplies!

In the wonderful play area in Amberg. I had always wanted to take Angus here, ever since I first saw it! Finally he was old enough to enjoy it and we had suitable weather!

Angus getting really excited at seeing some real coupling rods on a Steam Engine at the DB museum in Nurnburg. And below, just for Dad.

Good night Jillson. Hope to see you again someday and thank you for playing so beautifully with Angus.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

You can raid my supplies any time! By the way, Jillson is still talking about Angus. Randomly, she will say things like "I shared my pack n play with Angus." So cute!