Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Diggers

I have been meaning to post these pictures for a while but as usual, other things got in the way and they dropped down my priority list. This post will also explain why I changed the background to our Blog!

Over the road from us there used to be a community centre. The Council in their infinite wisdom decided it was no longer suitable and arranged for it to be knocked down. We now have diggers and lorries right over the road with all their mess, mud and noise. We also have a road cleaner (yes, cleaner not sweeper. It jet blasts the road and creates a huge amount of noise every time it goes past our house) going up and down the road about every 15 minutes. Combine all that with gas pipe replacement on the main road 100 metres away that has been going in since February and involves cutting, digging, filling, re-tarmaccing and hauling pipes around, and you can see that things aren't all calm in Macclesfield.

What we also have is a rather digger obsessed two year old. I am afraid that although steam engines and the like are still high on the list of interests, diggers and especially JCBs are a little higher at the moment. In fact, not just any old diggers, they have to be back hoe loaders or mini excavators (he can identify them and knows the difference).

Imagine Angus's delight when they were digging to replace a water pipe 10 meters down the road and the driver said, "Would he like to go in the cab? He can stay as long as he likes."

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