Thursday, 7 May 2009

On a More Postive Note...

Once there was a couple who really wanted children. They waited a long time and finally had a little boy. He was happy, smiley and a joy to all who knew him.

The couple wanted to have a little brother or sister for their little boy but again after a long time, they were still waiting.

One day the Vicar of the church asked the woman to talk about a story in the bible. In the story the woman could not have children. The wife talked about how society is sometimes not friendly towards women who cannot have children, how they can feel left out and sad. She talked about how it can make women feel angry and frustrated, and sometimes at God too. She also talked about how you can learn a lot about patience and being caring The woman knew that she was talking about how sad she had been and was now.

Two weeks and two days later, the woman found out that she pregnant. She was very happy.

The end. Or the start of something wonderful?

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