Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Scrapping - and not the GBH kind!

I thought that I had better keep some of you who are interested up to date with what I have been doing scrapping wise, and deal with the surprised looks and comments from some others of you!

Yes, I am a fully paid up and resourced scrapper. That means that I dream about layouts, sing hymns in church and think, "I really like the lyrics to that one and can think of several photos that I could use to express how I feel about the beauty of creation (seriously, last week!)." It also means that Granny, bless her cotton socks, gets to spend an afternoon a week looking after Angus so that I get some peace and can scrap without him shouting, "Angus stamp too!" as he picks up my ink pads or paper cutter. It also means that I have a never ending list of "Wanteds" every time that it is the sort of occasion when I may be given presents. It's just that they are a little limited, specialised and frequently have to be ordered via Margaret from America. It also means that I look at life wanting to savour the moments as they happen, take pictures of them and make pages that I can look at later and remember the joy, the thing that Angus, Ken or someone else said and how much fun we had.

I have put below a few of the pages that I have made from Angus's album. I realise that I am not up to date, but who cares. It's better than not having an album at all, and I can "catch up" later. I just enjoy making the pages and Angus loves looking at his book. That's all that matters. I have also put on a couple of cards that I have made.

Yes, I am the last person to ever have thought that I would take up scrapbooking, but I really do enjoy it. Hope you do too.

Don't you just hate our carpet? Yes, that is our lounge carpet and I loathe it, but Ken really has a point: it doesn't show any dirt - or anything else that you might drop on it for that matter! And, no, we didn't choose it. It was here when we moved in - five years ago! Sadly it is a wool carpet and won't be wearing out in the near future. Could Angus damage it somehow? Please...

This was Ken's Valentine's Day card, and I like it so much that I made a similar one for a friend's wedding....

There, I have confessed. I feel better now.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous. Everything looks so professional and artistic and fun and lovely. YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY! I am so proud of you.

By the way, when I outed myself as a scrapper, I had a dear, dear rock-climbing friend write me and say "I am not sure I can go down this road with you..." I excused her from the journey, of course. She just thinks I'm a little nuts; but you and I know the truth!