Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Where are we up to?

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat frustrating - to say the least. Sadly we have a very talented computer chap down the road. He is only 18 but is rather too good at PC-Botox (I love that expression Margaret!) and has managed to get Aged PC up and running on Linux, albeit in a somewhat eccentric fashion and as yet not able to talk with my camera in a way that will enable me to down load photos onto Blogger. I have been reassured that this will be coming sometime soon. We also now have had to move Aged into the lounge as it really is too depcrepit to talk via wireless to the outside world and I am not having cables wondering around the stairway being a safetly hazard, or having Angus upstairs in the spare room watching DVDs which is where Aged used to live. Since it does work and is able to function in a way that has enabled me to put down the sledgehammer (only to the side of the computer so that it can be picked up again when needed, when I am so tired that frustration gets in the way, or too hormonally charged that anything gets in the way!), husband is now safe from, what-itcide?: there has to be an expression for the murder of one's husband, there is for most other things. Suggestions may be quite amusing on this front! Sadly, I also won't be getting a new all singing, all number crunching lights flashing speedy PC or laptop.

Other than that, things are going okay. Angus has tonsilitis at the moment and has a temperature of 104f/40c but fortunately is really good about taking his penicillin and paracetamol. It does help that UK kids' drugs are yummy and fruity and not foul tasting like the German ones we had to give him before. He keeps falling asleep and wanting to be held most of the time. Yesterday he slept for 4 hours in the afternoon, but woke whenever I tried to take him off my lap. He still asked to go to bed at his normal time and slept through till 8.00 this morning. He is currently asleep on the sofa - it's almost like having a small baby again!

Also, the snow has now mostly gone, but we did get to go ice climbing! Yes, ice climbing in the UK. I will have to show you the pictures when I can. You can see a couple of them on the Buxton Team site (follow the link from this site), news and articles section from February 8th. We also went to the Lake District last weekend and spent and wild, windy night sleeping in the Priest's Hole cave in Dove Crag (google it!). There was still quite a lot of snow around up there and I can't show you any of the pictures but you will just have to believe me.

Slide show to follow - someday. Now, will I wake Angus if I use the sledgehammer right now?

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