Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Little Drummer Boy

As you can tell, we have the photos up and running at last and I am catching up!

Ever since Angus went to stay in America when he was 15 months old, he has had a bit of an obsession with drumming. This is not just a toddler obsession with banging things, this has developed into a sophisticated imitation of a real drum kit - all thanks to his cousin Evan. I hold Evan solely responsible, although unwittingly, for quite a lot of damage in our house. You see, Evan has a real, bit, loud drum kit and he allowed Angus to play it, when he was 15 months old and again last Christmas. Add to that a real, big, loud drum kit in church to fantasize over every week, and we have all that is needed for an obsession. All that is required for this to become reality are two hairbrushes (both damaged beyond use, just as well I now have short hair!), and a bathroom. Seriously, this is not bathroom furniture, but called: drum, tomtom, and cymbal. Just ask him! And he sings as he plays. How cute is that?

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