Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pictures not to show the Social Services.

Ken was playing with tools and naturally Angus had to join in . Only Ken being Ken didn't just give Angus toy tools. Oh no, Angus got to play with the real thing - hammer and nails, sharp and potentially lethal saw and so on.

Hammering in nails in the style of Harvey the Carpenter. He is a Swedish beaver and the star of one of Angus's favourite book sets. He does all these cool things involving DIY and teaches you how to do them at the same time. Harvey bangs a nail in to some wood. It bends and then...

Yank! He pulls it out with a pair of pliers. How many times did Ken have to do this? I have no idea but it kept them both out of my hair while I cooked dinner!

The above is further evidence of why Ken doesn't want to change our distasteful carpet. He feels it acceptable to saw wood on it as it vacuums up clean and he feels vindicated. They were making a shelf to go in my under-sink cupboard - finally! Sadly it did all vacuum up cleanly. Maybe one day it won't...

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Ah, so nice to see the boys doing boy things... they both look so proud. Also, I love the drumming photos. You can tell Angus is really into it. Too cute!