Thursday, 16 April 2009

Boring Parents

Ken and I have decided that we must be very boring parents. Angus keeps inviting people to dinner, to stay, to visit, he wants to go visit other people. Tonight he took, it must have been two hours, to get to sleep because he heard me and Ken discussing going to visit some friends, and got so excited: "Next week, maybe next week. On Tuesday?" (Why is it always Tuesday?)

"No, Angus, not for a couple of weeks."

"Visit Grampa Steam next week."

"No, Angus. Grampa Steam is coming in a couple of weeks to visit us."

"Hhhheeeeeee," he shouted as he ran around waving his hands as he has always done when he gets excited.

"Fly to see Jo and Evan, and Allan and Callum."

"Not yet Angus. Maybe later."

"No, Now!"

"Go to sleep Angus."


"Mum, go see Nali and Kera and Willson."


Not a chance.

We must be really boring. He has just spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma in Scotland and seen Mark. Clearly we are so uninteresting that he needs others to spice up his life.

At least its reassuring to know that he likes the company of our family and friends!

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