Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wonderfully and Beautifully Made

Tomorrow I am leaving Gambia. I have had a wonderful week and will be sorry to say Goodbye to many people and things. I have been encouraged by the warmth that I have seen in people, the challenges they face on a daily basis just to survive and put food on the table. When you add to that the pressures faced by those who have chosen to follow Christ and not Mohammed, you have a whole new dimension of complication.

Part of the wonderful memories I will take must be the amazing wild life I have seen. I didn't realise before I came that Gambia is known for its birds and I can see why! I haven't managed to take many blog-worthy bird pictures as that would have required a lot more time, commitment and a better camera! I do, however, have some.

Here are a few of my best – enjoy Angus! The jelly fish was caught just for you.

Velvet berries. The monkeys love them.
Vultures. The local garbage service!
Hyenas live in Gambia although this one was in a park. I haven't seen any in the wild.
Cows graze loose all over Gambia. These are grazing in the grassy remains of a pool made during the rainy season, which is still two months away.
The last few pink grapefruits.
This is on its side! No idea what it is, but it is about 8 feet tall and beautiful.
This tree has masses of vine like things hanging down and covering the trunk. Some of the vines look like they have grown into the soil to feed the tree. Any ideas what it is?
Termite mounds are everywhere. The termites are a pain and eat into people's houses, eat their books, eat their food, their crops, their fences, in fact, anything they can get their tiny little jaws into. 
A parasitic fig tree. The fruits aren't even edible and it kills the palms it grows up in the process.
Wild, untameable - my sleep nemesis. Samba climbing up my mosquito netting at 6 in the morning screaming for food.
Baobab trees. They are described as looking "upside down" like the roots are in the air. They produce an amazing fruit which makes a very refreshing drink.
I have seen several different lizzards but this one sat still long enough for a photo.
Red columbus monkeys.
Some kind of martin maybe?
A black kite. They were hunting for fish over the River Gambia
Fish eagles were also looking for dinner.
Wading birds of some description. Ideas?
Fruit bats.
A jelly fish!
Pelicans. There were several pairs swimming around.
Noisy, chatty, sociable.

There are here too. Beware!

Goodbye Gambia - hello Senegal.

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