Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Life In Africa

I thought I would share a few strange things that have happened, not necessarily odd but things outside of what I would expect to be normal at home.

1) We drove to the beach a couple of days ago and the car was fine. We went to drive home and the car battery was completely flat. No problem: you remove the flat battery, then take the battery out of another car, connect the new battery, start the car, disconnect the new battery whilst the car is still running and then reconnect the old battery, again while the car is running. Are you cringing in fear of electric shocks all around? I was.

2) Whilst sitting at the table and having dinner this evening, a bat flew in the house, circulated a few times and then left.

3) I have had half of my head plaited in corn rows by the washer lady's daughter. She was bored and wanted to play with "Toubab" (white woman) hair.

4) Karen and Stush have goats that wander in and out of their garden, along with the occasional donkey and cow. Not their own you understand, just wandering animals.

5) This afternoon Stush wanted a nap so went to sleep on the floor in the lounge as it's cooler there.

6) This evening we had a power cut on the newly installed mains electricity. Karen got up from the table and went to the power box in the corner, flicked on a switch and turned the solar powered batteries.

There are other things that I have noticed, but what I find even stranger is that very quickly with an open mind all these things become normal, unexpected but not as shocking as you might think. Your idea of what constitutes every day life starts to move and although unsettling can become freeing from the constraints that your home culture places on you. Having said that, I don't think the corn rows will stay - I'm getting sunburnt on my scalp. Ow!

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