Friday, 12 April 2013

Ambassodor Trip Day Four - In Brief

Today I am just going to share one story with you. I really don't think it will need many words. I was nearly in tears.

The school

Their classroom - they share it with snakes, scorpions, have to close for 5 months in the rainy season and no books or equipment can be left in overnight as the goats break in and eat the books.
After the rainy season the pupils and staff rebuild the classrooms before they can restart school.

The teacher has to duck.

Tomorrow they will start school here. With a roof. No scorpions or snakes. Toilets. The teachers won't have to carry everything home each evening. The no long holiday during the rain.
But even in a new school building, lessons and teachers can still be quite dull. Maybe they have heard they won't have five months off each year?

This is what child sponsorship achieves. A new school. A new start. Fewer holidays.

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