Monday, 14 November 2011


The builders turned up to day and ripped out more of our kitchen. The insurance company has coughed up and work has started. Needless to say, I now have dirt and dust all over my kitchen again and also over the lounge floor. The tiles were obviously as stubborn to remove as we thought as evidenced by the pair of safety glasses left on the dining table.

But progress has been made and for this I am grateful. We have put off doing various jobs around the house citing the kitchen as an excuse but hopefully we will be encouraged to begin ticking off our ever-varying list once again. As with all projects like this house, the list rarely gets shorter: the items on the list are just changed or replaced by new ones. Eventually we might feel able to stop keeping a list but right now it helps keep focus.

We also now have a stove in our lounge - a positive move forward but far too tempting in the evening and possibly detrimental to list completion! I will post a few pictures but needed to update you on the kitchen and I am sure you don't want more pictures rotten floorboards and removed cupboards - do you!

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