Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ten things you should know about Isla

Isla is now two years old. She reached this milestone last Thursday and celebrated with my Mum, Christina, a friend and neighbour visiting from Germany, and us. We started the day with a birthday breakfast, a couple of small presents and the birthday train. Interestingly she remembered the train from Angus's birthday two months ago and thought it was for him.

Isla has confused "Happy Birthday" with "Hallelujah" and spent the day saying "Happy Ujah Isla!"

She also can't quite say "water" yet and asks for "ooter" instead - Aunty Jo you should be proud of her. Isla prefers water to fruit squash.

She is feisty, adventurous and very determined, knows her own mind and can become quite frustrated by her physical and linguistic abilities.

Isla idolises Angus and copies him a lot, which Angus sometimes uses to his advantage.


Although the admiration is quite mutual, Isla's determined attitude means that she gets frustrated with Angus's prevarication in the morning. This results in Isla shouting at Angus to remember his book bag; she will hand him his shoes, push him to the front door and shout, "Agoo school. Come on. Shoes on Agoo." I haven't managed to catch this on video yet as I am usually too busy being equally frustrated! I really should though as it is very funny to watch. 

Isla's comfort object is a blanket. She is not too bothered which of the three she has and is willing to change according to which is being washed at the time (what a relief!) but she has to have a blanket in bed, in the car and if she goes in the buggy.

Isla loves to help - she particularly likes unpacking the shopping and will carefully put it away in the places she can reach such as the fridge.

Fortunately Isla still likes a nap in the afternoon for a couple of hours which means I actually get some time to myself once more. Phew - long may it last.

She has the most adorable curls on the back of her head. Isla had her first haircut a couple of weeks ago. She and Angus were waiting on the chairs as I had to pop upstairs (we do know the hairdresser really well, so don't be concerned about neglect here!). The hairdresser was ready to cut Isla's hair and was told in no uncertain terms by Angus that she could do what she liked to Isla's hair but she wasn't allowed to cut the curls as they were pretty and we all liked them!

She is amazing. I never thought I would like having a daughter - Isla has shown me how wrong I was. Thank you for being you.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

This is such a beautiful collection of observations. I feel like I know Isla much better now. I absolutely love the Happy Ujah and the fact that she urges Angus along with getting out the door. Priceless details.