Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Small Achievement..

But quite an important one for Isla.

I was preparing lunch and Isla was busy playing in the porch. Not unusual for her. I could hear silence, then velcro, then silence and then more velcro. This went on for quite a while. Finally there was a shout of "Mummum, shoo. Agoo boots on!"

Okay, so they are on the wrong feet, and she decided for her own reasons to practice with Angus's boots, but Isla put on a pair of shoes by herself and was so proud of her achievement that I didn't have the heart to enforce the "No shoes in the house" rule over lunch. Does that make me a bad and inconsistent Mum? I was too proud of her to care.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Well done, Isla! You are a fantastic mom, Fiona! Loving all the updates.