Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kitchen Update

Three of the floor joists have rotted - the kitchen has to come out.

I am not sure yet if this is good news (I may get a new kitchen paid by the insurance company) or just bad news (I won't be getting a new kitchen to compensate for all the mess and inconvenience caused. The old one will be  made to fit back again).

Right now I have three bags of groceries and only half the cupboard space as the others are piled elsewhere getting in the way. The work surfaces are covered with the contents of the missing cupboards and a whole load of dirt from when the builders removed the rotten plasterwork, which was a whole lot worse than expected. Why doesn't that surprise me? And I have to somehow find space to cook dinner. 

This picture is on its side, but this is what was under our kitchen floor.

And this is the rotten plasterwork. You can't see it, but actually most of the stuff on the wall is falling off.

Next time I will endeavour to write something more cheerful like a cameo of Angus at five or Isla at nearly two. There is plenty of fun material there!

Now, where am I am going to peel the potatoes for dinner?

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The Gutsy Mom said...

YUCK! You are a brave family indeed. What a mess! Is it better yet?