Friday, 1 April 2011

We're Moving - Again!

Okay, so that is a bit of a dramatic title, and potentially a bit misleading, but yes, we are moving again, although only about 500m away. We have found a house to buy.

It is an interesting house - there is a rather large hole in the kitchen ceiling, the fire in the lounge has been condemned, there is no water, heating, electricity, the garden is a total mess and in need of a goat, the flat roof over the extension leaks and the entire house smells of damp. It is a genuine house, just in case you think I am about to let you in on the one fact that tells that it is actually a rabbit hutch, or something.

The house has been empty for about a year, so we have been told. Sadly the owner went bankrupt and so the house has not been maintained. This does mean, though, to our advantage, that we can actually afford to buy it as Heddon is somewhat expensive. We will have a lot of work to do before we move in but can do that while still in our rented place. Then, the good news, I can decorate! Even Ken has conceded that all the carpets need to come out. So, no disgusting-overly-floral-overly-coloured-but-will-never-wear-out carpets in our new house. Yeh!!!

The really cool thing about this house - there is a small irregularly sized room at the back of the extension that you can't fit a bed in. It has a rather lovely view over the garden and currently is fitted out with a large desk. Guess what? I get my own scrapbooking room!

The photos don't really do justice to the state of the house or the smell. I didn't even remember to take a picture of the hole and you can't see all the rubbish in the back garden, the jumper still on the washing line, the three dishwashers still with some dirty plates in, the chips in the oven and the greasy dish, the general junk that is lying around, but hopefully you will get a slight idea for what a project we are taking on. Actually, let's be real, who will be doing most of this?!

Oh, the picture of the window? It doesn't close properly so is stuffed with toilet paper.


elaine said...

That's absolutely briil. I hope you enjoy your project as much as I enjoy mine!

John Sinclair said...

What size is the Jumper. I could do with something new for next winter. At last I sent you an email. I cant wait to smell you new home! Sounds lovely