Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Angus's Big Adventure - The No-Girls Walk

This weekend Ken, Mark and I were meant to be going on a walk in Scotland. Sadly this didn't happen as Blue had a rather nasty op last week at the vets, and hasn't been coping too well. This meant that he couldn't be cared for by the in-laws who had valiantly offered to hold the fort while we went away. Contingency plan needed! Ken, Mark and Grandpa Sandpit took Angus for his first big walk instead! By our standards this was a very small walk but given the lack of physical motivation exhibited by our son, this was quite a major achievement. They left on Saturday afternoon with the grown-ups carrying most of the kit and Angus carrying his important items (Brown Dog, small-child sleeping essentails, waterproof trousers, favourite blanket, snacks, Dinosaur water bottle) in his own back pack. He put on his walking boots, outdoor coat, hat and gloves and was really excited. They arrived at the start of the 4k/2.5 mile walk and Angus talked incessantly. He was so excited that he could not stop talking. This drove a couple of the adults a little crazy but they coped by walking faster, not too difficult when you consider that the walk took them 2 hours! The overnight stay was in a bothy - this is a very simple style of hut which may have been a shepherd's hut or a hunting lodge and is now used by walkers. Accommodation is free but there may or may not be a stove, beds or table and there is almost always no toilet! Lighting is by candle or torch, water from the local stream, wood from trees if there are any or from what you carry in, toiletting is in nature. Angus walked in, noted it was dark and asked for the light switch! When they got the fire going and started to unpack, he loved it. The following morning, Grandpa lit the stove. They made porridge, drank tea and then walked out. The bothy is near Housesteads Roman Fort so a quick visit there finished the trip. Not surprisingly Angus slept in the car on the way home. The whole event was celebrated at dinner that evening with Angus's favourite carrot cake made by Grandma. Well done Angus, the first of many trips we hope! It was boys only and he loved it. Look at the photos (in reverse order!):

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He looks so like you Fiona!!!