Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lots of catching up to do!

So firstly, we don't have a baby any more.

In case you are wondering, we still have Isla and haven't given her away! It's just that technically she is no-longer a baby, but a TODDLER! Isla has started walking. Hurray! Angus is delighted and loves holding her hand and helping her to "go in the right direction." It's just that his idea of where that is and Isla's quite often differ and then they both get frustrated. Isla, however, is loving her new found freedom and using it to pester Mummy, get to the stairs, empty cupboards, and move things around. Angus keeps losing his toys! Fortunately, Isla has realised that Brown Dog is special and generally takes Brown Dog to Angus, so he hasn't been misplaced too often.

Here, hopefully, is a video of Isla.

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