Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sunny Days in Autumn

I know that if you read Duffs on the Go, you will have got the idea that it does nothing but rain in England. This is not true - we had a sunny day last week! In honour of the sun, and lack of opportunity to climbing this year (I think we have made it out only about three times so far!), we took Angus out to try his new climbing harness.

At first Angus really hated having this strange piece of something wrapped around him and he screamed a bit and wriggled in protest. He really does hate being fussed! Once he realised that the purpose of this was so that he could climb like Daddy, and to Daddy, who was holding the rope to belay him to the top, Angus was very happy in deed!

This is what he did:
He had a great time, and really enjoyed swinging, jumping on the rope and at times he was really climbing and looking (a bit!) for footholds. A lot of the time, though, he wanted to swing and just play - and why not. There is plenty of time yet to try out the E4s!

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