Sunday, 26 October 2008

Life With a Toddler 5 - Names

Parental Advisory: Contains Potentially Offensive Language!!! :) 18

Angus has recently got a bit confused over names and who owns what. He understands the idea that objects are associated with people so, for example, when I am sorting laundry, Angus will label things with Daddy's, Mummy's, mine, etc. He has grasped the the linguistic pattern of adding an "s" to make something possessive, but not now tends to add an "s" onto the ends of names randomly. This has led to my sister-in-law, Pennie, being called something that sounds like Penis.

He has also decided that my Mother, known as Granny, is better pronounced as Gaga. His Great Grandmother is therefore Great Gaga. And his Grandma, Ken's mum, is now know as Bummer.

HHHmmmm - so his conversation revolves around Gaga, Bummer and Penis. Not good. Let's hope he grows out of this one soon.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

While it's not quite as awkward as Bummer or Penis, Kiki is the name my father ended up with. His first grandchild couldn't say "Grampy" (the name he had chosen). And so, he is Kiki...