Saturday, 22 December 2007

Why is Christmas so difficult?

You know that when you love someone very much, you would just love to give them a special gift on Christmas day that would make their eyes light up and convey to them something of how much you love and cherish them? Why then is it so difficult to find that gift? What if they are not into presents and owning things? What if they keep telling you that the best gift you can give them is your love? Beautiful - but not very helpful if you feel that you would be being cheap if you gave them no gift on Christmas day.

Have I bought the consumer notion that you need to buy presents at Christmas and compeltely forgotten the true purpose of Christmas which is to reflect on and thank God for the gift of his Son? Possibly, but I would still like to find that perfect gift for Ken. His only really wish right now is for a programmable battery charger....

Angus is so much easier - he would be happy with a neverending supply of crinkly stuff and cardboard boxes. Oh - he is really crawling now and getting into every thing.

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