Tuesday, 18 December 2007

On the move again...

Okay, so we spent the weekend cleaning up all the c*** from the house that wasn't ours. I had wanted to be decorating a room for Angus since he didn't get one the first time around as it seemed unlikely that we could rent a house with a boy's nursery! Instead we were weilding buckets, vacuum cleaners (which had to be repaired since they left it broken), and dusters (after buying the polish.. so maybe someone did some polishing whilst we were away.) We did strip the wallpaper off his walls but that just made the house depressingly dirty again and appear even more transcient and less ours. But eventually we moved in, the removal guys turned up and unpacked all the boxes taking them all with them. That was great even if it did mean that we had to unpack all the cupboards and draws to put stuff where we put them...

Why do we not do things in a simple way? Why do we try to pack too much into too little time? By the Saturday I had sorted the house, chosen paint and carpet for Angus's room, had a haircut, shopped, packed all the Christmas pressies, written and posted all our cards, been to a friend's for dinner, and done more shopping. Poor Angus was a little unsettled but fortunately he just keeps going and smiles. I do feel sometimes that I take his good nature for granted. Hhow would I cope with a child who was less complient?

So, Saturday evening Ken and I are frantically packing to fly to America to spend Christmas with his sister and her family. Jo has four boys so she has a lot of experience! So far we have enjoyed the snow - and lamented the lack of snow that we had in Germany. It is good being over here as the children are so much fun (!) but it would have been far more relaxing to have stayed at home and known that we had more time to sort the house out and put down our roots again. In the New Year... after the in-laws have gone... once Angus's room is done and we can try to establish some kind of routine... Will that ever happen?

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