Friday, 7 December 2007

Going back to our house...

Just come back from checking out our house after the tenants have moved out. The Letting Agency said that they had checked it and that the oven, microwave, fridge and toilets were not clean, and that they had not wiped out the kitchen cupboards. DID THEY EVEN GO AND SEE THE HOUSE? The house was FILTHY. The carpets are covered in dog hair, there is still food in one of the kitchen cupboards, the carpets have not been vacuumed, there is dust over many of the surfaces, personal items have been left in drawers and cupboards including a load of computer games, the kitchen is filthy and they have left a deep fat frier in there with roasting tins and a baking sheet covered in a layer of baked on grease, there is a large water stain on the surface of my book shelves, and THEY HAVE BEEN SMOKING IN MY HOUSE. And outside we have an alley way from the front to the back of the house that is literally full of rubbish bags and furniture. Literally full.

I am not interested in whether or not we keep the deposit. I am not interested in paying for a cleaner, but I am furious that people moved out of our house and left us to clean up their dirt. I am furious that they treated our house with such contempt and therefore us with such contempt and such a lack of respect. How dare they assume that it is okay to walk out and expect someone else to clean up after their slovenly lifestyle.

Okay, I am furious. I am really angry. I will be explaining this very clearly and possibly very loudly to the letting agency tomorrow. I will also be finding out exactly why they didn't do a proper inspection on my house. I am therefore also furious with them and possible going to demand recompense from them as well.

I will let you know how it goes. Ken, bless his cotton socks, is round there right now with the saintly Mark, a bucket of cleaning stuff and rubber gloves while I have been left to put Angus to bed. Big hugs all round.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Hello, friend! I cannot believe the news about your house. How disgusting. I hope, when you return from the States, that you can indeed settle in and have it start to feel like home again. Every time we move, I feel it takes an inordinate amount of work to get our home feeling home-y, but it is always worth it in the end, for everyone's sanity. Incidentally, the link up there to Margaret's site goes to someone else's site, not mine. That gal is the gutsymama, I am merely the gutsymom...


Margaret & Jillsie