Monday, 3 November 2014

Uganda - the story so far...

We have had a wonderful time so far - no muggings, malaria, Ebola or any of the other dreaded things that were concerning our family and friends! In fact, we haven't even suffered the almost predictable "African Afliction", or other illiterative or rhyming name given to an upset stomach. The only slight annoyance has been lack of easy access to internet, but Ken thinks that this is definitely a plus and will help to cure or at least ameliorate my suspected addiction to my new iPad. Hhhhmmm, not sure about that one but as it is unavoidable without considerable inconvenience to everyone else, it has to be accepted. 

So far we have looked around Kampala, been challenged by the contrasts in poverty and wealth, seen banana palms (Isla's favourite), been to a craft market where Angus was really taken by some wire and bead lizards and Isla immediatley fell in love with vehicles made from bottle tops. Sadly, as I can't load photos from my camera to my iPad without the intervention of a computer, you will just have to imagine these until I get home! We have safely negotiated Kampala wild traffic which is a mix of minibuses, crazy motorbikes, occassional cattle and cars, all rushing around with a facsimile of British driving rules mixed with self-survival and minus the British politeness. We have got sunburnt, been swimming in a lake in an extinct volcano with leeches and nibbly fish, seen lots of vervet monkeys, eaten far too much carbohydrate (even Ken has managed to get a little "rounded!), got over-heated and then cool, experienced a variety of toiletting facilities, learned how to use mosquito nets, seen Zebra, had a lion walk two metres from our car down the road, been rock-climbing, seen the start of the Nile, heard and seen wild quantities of rain, been woken up by a hippo munching far too loundly outside our hut in the middle of the night, also been woken by an earthquake (seriously!), seen antelope, impala and had to wait as elephants crossed the road, briefly been a millionaire (in Ugandan shillings that isn't too hard), and stayed in a luxurious African safari lodge (Steve knows the owner fortunately so....).

Angus found it all a bit much to start with but is now settling in and loving playing at being David Attenborough for a while. Isla is taking it all in her stride as you would imagine and being loved for her easy smile and long, blonde hair. They are becoming variously fascinated and blaze about all the wildlife, but revelling in their time together including any local children they happen to meet with joy and no perceived language barriers. They are coping with an arbitrary combinations of late or early starts and have given up having any preconceived notions about the pattern the day will take. They were both particularly pleased to be driven on three safari tours by Ken, Anya and Steve and being allowed to sit or stand in the open car windows. Both commented on not being allowed to do this at home! 

All in all, this is a once in a lifetime trip and they are learning lessons and creating memories and attitudes which will hopefully last them a lifetime. 

I will post some photos when I can, but for now know that we are alive, well and having an amazing time. 

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