Sunday, 2 November 2014

On Our Travels

We have been planning this week for a long time. This was the week when I would categorize, collate, collect or purchase missing things, contain then all within bags and finally blag a lift from a friend to the train station accompanied by two overly excited small children and meet a less frazzled husband. Yes, this week has been planned and anticipated for two years, ever since my brother Steve and his now fiancee told us they were going to work in Uganda for two years. 

Building up to this week has been somewhat fraught. It so often is, though, isn't it as things frequently don't quite to plan: we all found out that Angus cannot pursuade himself to sit still and have a vaccination despite an awful lot of planning on his part and ours (problem as he needed three jabs); the GP got the malaria prescription wrong - twice and eventually we ended up having to pay for about three months' worth of the stuff (they know and we have it in hand) but that added a whole lot more anxiety to the week; then there is the extra stress of trying to ensure that Isla can have some guaranteed dairy-free food on the plane - not as easy as it might sound as we have ordered vegan meals before and found milk in them. But, despite missing the train and being delayed an hour and a half by bendy rails or something like that, we have got here. We are on the plane, all packed, vaccinated eventually, anti-malarialed and incredibly excited. WE ARE OFF TO UGANDA! And the school don't even mind as they reckon this trip will be "educationally worthwhile." Good on them. 

A short reflection on yesterday though. As the children were walking to school what became increasingly evident was what exactly they were excited about. Travelling to Uganda was such a BIG thing for them that it was hard to grasp. The two things they were talking about mostly, the things which they could visualise and anticipate were the imminent stay in a hotel that night and... wait for it, ,,, they were having school dinners and not a packed lunch. That was the highlight of their day. Small things. Not always the dramatic. 

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