Wednesday, 12 September 2012

September Roundup Part 3.

I love this time of year: it always reminds me of new beginnings. I think it must be the endlessly repetitive years of school, post-school education and teaching that have drilled into my mind that there is a new order in place come September. The end of the summer holidays is a time to set new goals and targets, the summer is fun but disruptive and September brings the chance to bring life back into order. That is probably why I am sitting here writing the third blog of the month already! Ken is out playing squash which has become a Wednesday pattern for him. It turns out that Angus's friend Jake's Dad was a lapsed squash player in need of a playing partner. Ken is happy and the boys love that their Dads go out on Wednesday evenings. I have lovely music playing on the radio, a mug of hot chocolate, low lights and am sitting in front of the first fire of the new season. I feel content.

London - School - Birthday - Party. That's the way it happened this year for Angus. Ken and I had talked through how to mark Angus's birthday. He loves celebrations and rituals. He loves parties. He's not that bothered by receiving presents but does enjoy the celebration, whether his own or somebody else's. Because of that, we decided that we would like to instigate a family tradition started by my parents that a child aged six is old enough to take to a formal restaurant for an evening meal. Just the child and the parents. No siblings. Out, to a proper grown up restaurant.

So, on Thursday, Angus's actual birthday, he patiently waited until Ken came home (early) from work and opened his presents followed by his choice of meal: fishcakes with trifle for desert. He loved it. Then on Friday Jake's Mum came and Isla-sat. She offered to make her dinner so we could get out earlier and then regretted her offer: "Help! What do I feed her? What can she eat? What will happen if I get it all wrong and give her the wrong thing? Do you have a Doctor's number?" "Don't worry, her allergies are not that bad! Anyway, ask Isla, she knows exactly what to do." Later. "Isla was great. She checked everything I gave her and watched me make her dinner. She knows exactly what is in your fridge but she kept asking if things had cows in them. Then I realised she meant the milk." "You should hear the story about Isla and the tomatoes Jo put on her plate in Scotland..." Actually, that's a story best told by Jo for another blog day.
The decorations make the day for Angus. He loves the balloons, the celebratory feel of it. He has insisted that the balloons need to be lower for Isla's birthday as she can't reach to hit them. Fine for them but really annoying for us tall people!
The German birthday train. 
The dinner out was a great success. Angus wanted pasta in tomato sauce which may sound mundane but he doesn't have it at home as Isla can't eat the tomatoes and I won't cook two meals. He loved the concept so much that he and Ken already have next year's planned. They want to do a pasta tour of Hexham to see which restaurant is best.

This is a GPS. All pirates have them.
First cache found. Party bags starting to get filled bit booty. 
Isla - GPS expert.
Compulsory group shot. Spot the sulking pirate in the background!
The big dig. 
The cake. Yes Becky, I stole (pirated?) the idea from yours. Thank you.
The party on Saturday was a lot of fun. The sun was shining, it was warm and Angus and Ken had planned a pirate-themed treasure hunt around Heddon (they had studied pirates in school last term so all the boys had outfits.) The boys arrived, the gps (high tech pirates!) was programmed and the boys set off at a run with Isla going as fast as she could dressed as pirate princess in a Kimono. There were comments of "We've been swashbuckled!" from various amused residents as the boys ran around the village with appropriate screams. They had lots of fun and returned home to dig up the last treasure chest from our front garden, carrying it through to the back to enjoy a picnic tea. Only, they weren't hungry: they drank loads, played on the swings and ate almost nothing. Oh well.

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