Saturday, 15 September 2012

He Did It!

Angus ran his 1.5km today accompanied by Ken, in about 10 minutes! He is so proud of himself and was wearing his medal for the rest of the day. I know he is not a natural runner and it was hard work for him, but he did run the whole way, without stopping, albeit at a steady pace. He has currently raised £137 with more pledged. The day was wonderful with the race running by the quayside in NewcastleGasteshead. The sun shone; Mo Farah was there along with Joseph Craig, 15 year old world record holding paralympic Gold Medal freestyle swimmer, who had his medal and started the races. I am not sure how many thousand youngsters were there, but they ranged from three year olds to sixteen year olds, able-bodied, wheelchair races, running with sighted guides and everything inbetween. The organisers were commenting on the renewed enthusiasm following the Olympic games and the buzz was tangible.

Sadly I didn't get any decent pictures of Angus and Ken in the race due to tall people and a stuck zoom button, but here is the day in pictures with a smiley Angus. Go on, give him more money!  Oh, and he got in the papers:  Not a very original title, but maybe more money raised.

Waiting before he had to line up at the start.  

Warm ups: stretch left and do a Bolt - now do a Mobot and move those shoulders - you get the idea. Charismatic and well muscled gym leader in front and you know what, they loved it and even the crowds joined in!

With his medal at the end. It helped that there was a sand pit nearby!
Crowds at the pasta party. Great atmosphere.
Okay, there should be more pictures, of Mo Farah for example and the friends who challenged Angus to run last year and who are staying again this year, but the internet is on a severe go-slow and this has already taken me an hour. 

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