Thursday, 23 August 2012

Let's Have Another Go

The internet guy came this morning and confirmed what we all know - our internet connection really is pants. Apparently the only one who can make it any better at all is an anonymous politician in Whitehall who must sign some document to release money to upgrade rural cabling. No hope there then.

Let's try some more photos of our hols:

Some rare island sheep that graze near our holiday house. Jo knows what type they are. They are a very primitive breed brought in from a west coast island that do well eating seaweed.
A close up of the rare sheep. They were very nervy and I had to sit still for a while to get this one. The midgies had some fun but I didn't.

Another type of sheep but on the main street at Sheildaig (it's made from old car parts.)

We went out to dinner one evening in the local seafood bar and thought this looked amazing. Apparently it tasted amazing too! The Sheildaig Bar - highly recommended.

And after dinner, you get to look at this. Beautiful.

Angus finally worked out what climbing was all about. He was so proud of himself and so were we. Dad, spot the helmet he's wearing! Isla wants/needs one too.

Because Isla had no problems working out what to do whilst on a climbing rope! She was a natural, finding toe holds, finger holds and working out exactly how to change her centre of balance. Look, no hands! Confident or what!

And then we revisited the glass-bottomed boat trip that we did last year. Not unsurprisingly they remembered "The little blond boy who quoted David Attenborough" from last year! Angus and Isla loved the chance to steer the boat in. They were so good at it (Isla listened and then told Angus what to do - good team work) they even moored the boat. Angus was told he could have a job when he was 14 - I am not sure all the tourists would want entire David Attenborough documentaries quoted at them, but he would try!

There. All those pictures behaved very well and uploaded in 30 minutes, rather than the nearly two hours it took me to not finish the last lot.

In summary, we had a fabulous week and loved catching up with all the family: Ken walked mountains, Angus and Isla discovered climbing (phew), and we all feel rested and recharged with the most amazing sunshine. We are going back again next year.

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elaine said...

The sheep are North Ronaldsay. Katie uses a lot of their fleece in her business.