Monday, 27 August 2012

Angus and the Mini North Run

This blog is partly a news update and also shameless advertising.

Angus is going to be running in a short (1 mile) race later on September 15th.

This is his story:

When we moved to Newcastle we were introduced to Eleanor Brown, an experienced and talented cellist (try googling her). She offered to continue teaching Angus cello even though she wasn't used to teaching such young children. Angus was only 4 at the time but loves playing (even though he is rhythmically challenged!) Eleanor explained to me that she had a rare form of cancer and so her health was unpredictable. However, she was amazingly patient and creative with Angus and he loved her lessons which usually went on way beyond her allotted time. At first Eleanor came to our house saying that this gave her a good excuse to get out. We could see that some days she was well and others were a struggle and sometimes the lessons were moved or cancelled. I explained as best as I could to Angus about Eleanor's illness and he was understanding but had a lot of questions. Later, after a lengthy break for treatment, Eleanor's husband would drive her.  Eventually we had to go to Eleanor's house as even the trip out was too much.

Eleanor died earlier this year from her cancer. Telling Angus was difficult: he had been practising a piece of music that he had been too uncertain to play before. He kept saying, "I need to practice this to play for Eleanor for when she gets better." He has struggled with not being able to say "Goodbye" or play for her.

Last year friends came to stay over the GNR weekend, their children running the Mini and both parents running the GNR itself. Angus was challenged to enter this year and so has decided unprompted that this is what he wants to do: run the mini and be sponsored to raise money for people with cancer. St Clare's is a local hospice so this seamed appropriate.

He wants sponsorship. I want him to be sponsored too, not only because it will raise money for a good cause, but because it will help him to deal with his grief, and he is grieving. Just a couple of nights ago he again told me about needing to say goodbye, both to Eleanor and to Blue, our dog who died in March. If you can, visit his justgiving web page and encourage him.

Thank you. 

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