Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dingle Dell.

I could not write about Heddon on the Wall without mentioning Dingle Dell. It is, after all, one of the reasons we moved here.

Let me recap: there we were, Ken, Isla and me, (Angus was with Granny), driving around the Tyne Valley desperately trying to find somewhere, anywhere, to live where we would all feel comfortable. We had a short list of places which seemed worth while researching and checking out and Heddon was on that list. Isla who was still breast feeding, was hungry and we all needed a break and recharge. We needed to stop so that we could chat and reflect. We were in Heddon and there was a sign rather grandly directing people to a "Shopping Centre". We thought we would try there. As I have mentioned previously this is a shopping centre of mixed pleasures but naturally we homed in on Dingle Dell. Suddenly Heddon went so much higher on my list of places where I could live. Here, in a small village, was a coffee shop with a decent coffee machine where I could buy cappuccino, cafe latte, americano, and eat cake. And there were toys for my child to play with. Indeed, a coffee shop small enough to be friendly but large enough to have a steady flow of people so that you could be inconspicuous if  you wanted. Warm and cosy; friendly but efficient.The only down side was that, unlike Germany, the dog was banned.

We asked the lady who was serving us about Heddon and it jumped fairly quickly to the top of our list of potential places. Dingle Dell has become a place to meet friends, have chats with the vicar, buy stuff you need, drink coffee, hang out when you don't want to be at home, check out what is going on in the village, reward Angus for some achievement, or just pass the time. I do get concerned about the calories, though. Just not for long (enough?).

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