Sunday, 26 June 2011

Today at our House...

We had two notable events at our house today - firstly, Ken got to play with his new toy:

It was Ken's birthday last week and thanks to family members clubbing together, we bought him a chainsaw, saw bench and all the accoutrements. The saw arrived on Friday and today he went to the new house to and played with all the wood in the garden! According to Ken, the saw sliced easily through the wood and he had a huge grin when he came home and was telling me all about it! For the chainsaw fanatics about, it is a Husqvana 321el. Yes, we know it's electric, but since most the wood will be cut in the back garden, noise was factor so we bought electric. Ken has decided that if he likes his saw enough (and that looks likely!) he may well later buy a petrol one. I think that is more for play factor and boys' toys issues than practicality. In case you are wondering what the wooden boat thing is in the background, it is the swing set given to Angus and Isla for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. It has been moved and erected in the garden of our new house.

Secondly, we had our first crop of home grown veg. Plenty more where those came from.

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astrid said...

Hi Fiona, I decided on trying it too.

Hope work at your house moves on and that ken still has all his fingers.
Love Astrid