Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mothers' Day

Happy belated English Mothers' Day. I know in Germany it comes on a different day and I have no idea whether they even have a Mothers' Day in America. Here, we had it on Sunday. Ken and Angus bought me a plant, but as yet I am still to ever have a Ken-initiated Mothers' Day card either from him or Angus, but a plant is a step in the right direction for which I am grateful. I did, in all fairness, also have breakfast in bed, but I suspect that this was more to do with helping me multi-task as I was feeding Isla at the same time and Ken was concerned that we would be horribly late for church.

That afternoon we went for a photoshoot at a local photographers. I have enclosed a link as this really is going to be the easiest way for any of you to see pictures of Isla. I know they say that the second child always has fewer pictures taken and it is so true. I have come to the conclusion that it is to do with the need of the older child to be looked after and you just don't have enough hands or energy or undivided attention to wonder over all the achievement of your new bundle. Be warned, with a little support, Isla was sitting for her alone pictures and she is only four months old... She was also tired and so didn't smile as much as usual. Actually, she didn't smile at all!

Any ideas for what combination of pictures we should order?

Here’s how to view your images from the Mother's Day Weekend Photoshoot:
  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Portrait Photography’
  • Click on ‘Client Area and select ‘Portraits’.
  • Your password is: thompson


The Gutsy Mom said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the very first one the best. You look beautiful and so happy. I also love #9. And Angus is such a cute, smiley boy. I can't believe how big/old all the kids are getting. Isla looks so pensive, smart, thoughtful. These are stunning pictures. Why no Ken?

Yes, there is Mother's Day in the USA. In May, in believe.

Fizi said...

Why no Ken?

Because the photo shoot was a special offer for Mothers' Day!

elaine said...

I it's not too late, I love the following:-
Take care, love to see you.