Saturday, 13 March 2010

Life in (random) short phrases.

Angus is mostly asleep.
Isla is asleep.
Angus is now reading (short words but hey, he is only three)
Isla sleeps through the night.
Angus still adores Isla and loves giving her a bottle and playing with her.
Isla is trying really hard to sit up and already stands a little.

I have lots of blogs in my head that I haven't written:
How great it is having a helpful Mum living around the corner.
How great it is having helpful inlaws who come to stay.
How great it was visiting my brother and his partner (I despise that expression!) in Belgium.
How great it is being able to scrap life and reflect on all the blessings that we have.
(That's not a blog, but it is true!)

The snow has been awesome this year and I haven't been able to go out to play in it due to small babies and breastfeeding. This makes me sad.

I love being able to breastfeed.

Too often my day seems to involve too much cleaning up pooh.

Why are my chronological age, physical age and emotional age incompatible?

Blue is really annoying right now and seems to revel in lying, standing or sitting in passageways and doorways that I want go through.

Spring is coming and I am really hoping and praying that I am going to be able to go climbing this year.

I have just been appointed Scout Skills Instructor for this area for Climbing and Mountaineering.

I am starting to enjoy some pink, flowery stuff - is this the start of a slippery slope or am I becoming a victim of marketing?

It is very different having two children from one.

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