Thursday, 1 October 2009

Crime Wave in Black Road

This email will not be accompanied by any interesting photos, although I do have some new ones to share with you all. This is a venting sessions!

I am not really aware of having been the victim of crime before, but recently we seem to have subconsciously placed an advert somewhere saying, "Come and rob us!"

In June Ken had an old bike in the garden. He rode it to work along the canal and although it was old, worn out, heavy and not really a good bike at all, it was functional (probably the only criteria that was important to Ken!). That was stolen from the garden the day before Ken's birthday when the new, smarter and faster model of bike was due to arrive. The irony of the theft is that on his birthday the old bike was due to be freecycled!

Then three weeks ago a radiator that we had removed and was in our garden was also stolen. This did, admitadly, save us a trip to the local recycling centre, but that's not quite the point. Someone in broad daylight walked up to our front door without permission and walked away with a radiator. Do they know we didn't have other plans for it?

Than two weeks ago our car was broken into whilst it was sitting on our driveway. They took a Satnav which I shouldn't have left in the car, an MP3 player which only the day before I had spent several hours loading a lot of books onto for Angus, and finally a new powerful search torch from the Rescue Team which I had been issued with the week before. Fortunately they didn't damage the car or take all those other annoying things which would have caused a lot of of inconvenience, like Ken's driving glasses.

And then last week Mum dropped a memory stick into the photographers for me so that they could develop over 200 photos for me to scrap with. The store managed was loading the pictures onto the machine when she was asked a question by a customer. Whilst dealing with her, someone stole my memory stick. Why? It was only a 1gb stick so not expensive. It had a lot of personal photos on it - do they know that these pictures were replaceable? Did they even care? Probably not. Idid have copies (having sorted all my pictures just the week before!) but it was the total lack of thought and the real inconvenience as I wasn't able to just "pop down with a replacement" as I currently can'a walk more that about 100m without cramping. The shop has subsequently replaced the memory stick (with a 4gb one!) and developed all the photos for free. But they shouldn't have had to, should they?

Things are meant to come in threes not fours. Let's hope that this is the last one.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

That's horribly bad luck! Really weird, actually. I hope, too, that this is the end of it!