Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Excuse For Not Doing the Tiling in the Loo...

Okay, so we had a busy Scout camp, then a busy week in Mallaig, and then decorating conservatories, and I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. And my first child was premature. And I have been having strange Braxten Hix type contraction things since about 11 weeks and they shouldn't start until about 28 weeks. And, and, and... I ended up on compulsory bed rest. The kind of bed rest where the Midwife says, "If you don't stop, you will end up in hospital. You either sort out child care here and promise to behave or you will be having another even more premature baby on your hands. Actually, it won't be on your hands, it will be in an incubator for a long time."

To be truthful, Brother-in-Law Dr Alan, Ken, his sister, and the parents-in-law made me rest in Mallaig as I actually wasn't able to walk very far before I started to feel so uncomfortable that I couldn't go any further, and I did most of the painting for the conservatory sitting down and Ken did the standing up bits, and I didn't walk the dog very far at all when we came back from hols, and I have tried to be careful. But it still wasn't enough.

So the tiling didn't get done. Or the vacuuming. Or the cooking. Angus had a busy social life with friends and Mum and loved it. Friends from Church came over with evening meals so that Ken didn't have to do that as well when he came home from work (Thank you!) and I sat in bed.

What could I do? We still don't have a t.v. so daytime programmes were out. The old pc is plugged in down stairs and not really portable and there is only so much reading I can do in a day and I don't have a suitable table to take upstairs to scrapbook on (boohoo hoo)

Solution - play with new electronic toys! Ken's parents and Jo had decided that I needed a new laptop. Do some research, phone around, get one ordered, and have a friend collect it the next day. Then upload all the 6900 photos from the pc and spend 8 hours ordering, deleting, sorting, orientating, red-eye-removing, and generally being obsessive. Our photo folder is now 2gb and 2500 photos smaller than before! And I can find the pictures I want!

Then plug in the other wonderful toy I was given for my birthday. I am now the proud owner of an Ipod Touch. Sadly Jo and Alan were given one with their new Apple Laptop and I agreed to take it off their hands to avoid the politics of which one of their sons would have it. Very sacrificial of me I thought!!!! What a great way to spend several days. And all very restful.

Contraction type things have calmed down, photos sorted, I have come back down stairs again and Ken managed to keep the kitchen in a reasonable state of order. He even did some spontaneous vacuuming. Well done. Big bonus points earned.

Lets not do it again too soon though, heh? Stay calm. Sit down when needed. Most things aren't important and can wait. Only 6 more weeks to go and then all will be well.

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Oh my goodness. (A) Your bump is adorable. (B) You are scaring me; please don't move until that precious baby is born! (C) I am so proud (and jealous) of you for sorting all of your photos. That is such an accomplishment. Seriously! (D) I miss you.