Tuesday, 16 December 2008


It doesn't seem like nearly a month since I was last writing an update. So much has happened and as usual, time then goes too quickly to sit down and type.

A week after our last posting, we went to Germany for a week. Friends had invited us to share Thanksgiving with them and we had a lovely time eating American style food, enjoying snow, Ken went skiing in Innsbruck and we took in Christkindlmarkts. It was a busy week but a lot of fun and a chance to catch up with German and American friends. And yes, we would still like to go back!

One thing that really surprised us when we were back, was how much Angus obviously remembered. He wanted to be carried on one occasion while we were walking through Amberg. I told him that he must walk to the bridge. He couldn't see the bridge in question at the time, but pointed to where it was saying, "Bridge there." He also knew his way around some of the shops and was able to tell recall some events that had happened in Germany, and people he knew by name. He has also realised that Danke is German, and now says Thank you instead, or makes a point of saying Danke. He also now calls trees Baum again! I think he enjoys playing with words and will tell you when something is German.

A couple of days after coming back from Germany, the in-laws came to stay and we had a lovely long weekend and took Angus to a Christmas event at a nearby stately home. He loved the animals in the farm yard but was frustrated that he wasn't allowed to go and play on the traction engine parked there.

So why no posting? Because it was our wedding anniversary last Saturday and inbetween all the above, I have been doing this.....

It is a collage of all the elements of our marriage, well, all the ones I could scrap anyway! As you can imagine, it has taken ages as I am not a naturally good scrapper and take a long time to work our what works, how the papers combine and what I need to do to make it all tie together. I am happy with the finished result, although I will almost certainly redo the Scotland page as I don't think that works well. It's too dark. The pictures will eventually be mounted - which will be quite a job as they are all 6" x 6"!

When I work out how to add a photo album to a blog page, I will add piccies of our trip to Germany/Austria, and of the visit to the Christmas event. It was lovely, except that Angus definitely thinks strange men with white beards who sit tucked out of the way and are too friendly with little children, are to be avoided. Probably a good thing too....

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